I have been a web developer since 2007. I started out my career as an aspiring Game Developer, only to find my way into the World Wide Web. Everything that I learned about UI/UX as well as general programming and storytelling transferred well into the web development world. Since then, I've had the fortune to work on client websites such as Boeing, Health Wealth Raffle of Arizona, Arizona Public Service Electric (APS), Colorado Wildlife Council, and many others.

As the web evolved, so has my interest in the Internet of Things (IoT). This has allowed me to dabble and experience things that might be considered to be outside of the web. This includes created skills for the Amazon Echo, better known as Alexa. I've also been able to collaborate with designers and 3D artists to create unique experiences in the Spark AR platform. This allows for doing Augmented Reality on the Facebook and Instagram mobile apps. During this time, a design collegue and myself entered into a constest for Facebook during The Watchmen promotion.

I didn't start out wanting to become a developer in the beginning, however. After graduating high school, I ventured to become a chemical engineer. The classes were taxing, but I was able to get some experience in some programming using the language FORTRAN. After that, I switched careers and found a new passion. Having a hobby of playing video games at the time lead me to pursue this even futher, leading to my Bachelor of Arts degree in Gave Design. I've since continued my education in the web through various certifications and certificates.

Aside from technology, I try to stay active as well. I like to workout and be outside when I can. Swimming is one of my favorite activities, as well as playing baseball and volleyball. Cooking has always been a mild passion as well. Creating something from a few ingredients gives a sense of pride, while doing the dishes afterwards is something left to be desired. I dabble in various types of cooking from grilling to baking, but never consider anything that I make gourmet. If I could describe it, I would consider my dishes to be wholesome.